About Us
Why 4 Corners Spirits Company?

4 Corners Spirits Company is a world-class brand building company specializing in the development, representation, distribution, and marketing of new and emerging distilled spirit brands.

Our name stems from a strong family heritage in the spirits industry that now spans over six generations. Founder and industry veteran, Guillermo Rodríguez, is the youngest of four brothers who grew up in a family with over 150 years of deep ties to the global spirits industry. The number 4 has always had a profound impact on Guillermo’s personal and professional life, and the company name and brand illustrates his effort to “explore all 4 Corners of the industry (Brand Development, Production, Route to Market & Consumer Activation)” in search of excellence.

Built on our long history and experience in the industry, our team has profound insight and passion for the spirits business, as well as a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary experience in the complex 3 tiered system. We advise and manage the entire process of building a premium liquor brand from idea generation, liquid formulation, production, bottling, branding, marketing, sales and distribution. At 4 Corners, we maximize our expertise to put the long term value of our brands, people and relationships first.

Our Mission
To develop and market premium beverage brands that enhance and expand the distilled spirits occasion.

Our Vision
To preserve the long held spirits industry tradition of family owned businesses; placing the highest value on our people, relationships, and brands in order to fully experience the unique quality of life the industry provides.

Our Guiding Principles

  1. To operate with a daily conviction to deliver our Mission and be true to our Vision
  2. Maximize the strategic advantages of a privately held company
  3. Earn our business and honor our commitments
  4. To plan with forethought and act pragmatically
  5. Empower a passionate team
  6. The main thing is that the main thing is always the main thing
The Block of Brothers

As a sentimental gift to his three brothers on his wedding day, Guillermo wanted this beautiful wooden block to represent the strong family commitment that had always been strongly encouraged by his parents. Each of the brother’s initials are engraved on one of the corners on every side of the block, illustrating how they connect and support one another in many different variations. This foundation of strength that emerges from commitment, family bonds, and loyalty is a core idea behind 4 Corners Spirits Company and has translated into the company’s guiding principles, ethics, and values.